Sunday, November 4, 2018

Hiring The Right Patent Attorney

Buying patents is not an easy thing, you need to search for the right patents and apply for them. Even after that, securing the patents is also a complicated process. An experienced person will never suggest you to apply for a patent because hiring is much more inexpensive and comfortable. If you agree with hiring a Patent lawyer India the below information is for you. Since hiring the right one is also not so easy, the below things must be considered to make the right decision.


The patent lawyer whom you are going to hire must have passed both the bar exam of state of practice and the “patent bar exam”. The patent attorneys need to be experts of laws of intellectual property, and at least one technical area so as to understand the requirements of clients better. A bachelor degree in technical or science field will be sufficient. Experience is the next thing you need to consider. The attorney you are going to hire must have knowledge of your invention subject in addition to a few years of experience. It’s your duty to search for someone who belongs to your subject only. 


The expense of hiring an attorney is an add-on because you are already spending money on application filing. Still, some money can be saved by following some smart ways without compromising over experience and qualification. The first thing you should do is find your attorney in a less exposed area or a small town. Since the salary and rent expenses are less there, they will charge you less. The distance won’t matter because the technology lets you communicate. Also, check if they offer free consultation initially.

Look for a patent agent instead of an attorney if you are tight on budget. More or less, they perform similar duties. The clients who only need someone to file the patent application, an agent will be a better choice. However, if you want someone to represent you in the courtroom, hiring a patent attorney will only work for you.


The attorney’s work is to advise you on everything related to the patent. A good attorney will assist you in checking if the patent you have chosen is patentable or not. From selecting between provisional and non-provisional y to deciding about international protection, the attorney will make sure that you claim maximum possible rights to the patent. The attorney will conduct the research for you so that your application doesn’t get rejected because of novelty issues.

The attorney will improve your application so that it gets approved as early as possible. You will have an experienced person to work on your application making it possible for you to focus on other works. To increase the economic value of your patent after approval, the attorney will help by enforcing your patent rights. Moreover, where the difference between an attorney and an agent comes, is when the patent gets rejected. An agent can’t help you in appealing in court.

Final words

Since an attorney can help you with all the decisions related to filing a patent application and have the solution of all your problems till the final decision, it can be considered as a good investment. An attorney can reduce the time between the grant and increases the chances of approval too. You pay them not only for their efforts but for the knowledge and the experience they had too. Moreover, it is better to have a pre-analysis of the market, because the attorney can help secure the patent, but the profit part depends on your efforts and market situation. 

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