Monday, June 11, 2018

Steps to fill of multiple-class trademark application

Trademark registration needs to be done as soon as possible to avoid any complication.Trademark registration in Ahmedabad occurs under the Trademark Act,1999.Trademark can be registered for 10 years, after 10 years it needs to be renewed by filing trademark renewal form.


Trademark is recognized as one own right on a word, label, numeral, name, symbol or a phrase which defines a specific product or services which is legally authorized to a company and is differentiates it from all other products or services. The company has its own ownership on a brand and with this trademark company can be identified and distinguish from other source. 

Multiple class application

Multiple class registration is a federal trademark registration where the owner wants to register his goods or service in more than one international class which can give them the mark. For doing this thing of multiple class application it has some advantage and disadvantage as well. The major advantage is that the applicants don't have to fill many applications. This will help the applicant to focus on only one application. Hence if applicant will fill one form so it will reduce time and effort.

But as it is multiple class so it require incident cost at later stage. The mark which is filled in the application is splitted in different class where this mark will be used and as it is divided so it require additional fees. 

Steps to fill the application

Below are the steps which an applicant has to use while filling multiple class application.

 1) Search of Trademark:- There is the thought in everybody mind to have unique trademark but before using that Trademark applicant should make the research that is that trademark is unique or not so that there should be no hassle in future

 2) Trademark application to be filled in India:- After searching the trademark and if you identify that its unique then applicant has to file the trademark application form at Trademark office, India and in India trademark office is available in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata.

 3) Examination of Trademark:- After application is filled then it goes for examination and that get approval in two ways one is conditionally and other is unconditionally. In unconditionally, if there is no objection then trademark is published in trademark journal and if there is any objection so one month time will be given to respond the objection.

 4) Publication of Trademark:- The process of publication is also included in registration process so that if anyone have objection then they can get chance to oppose. If there is any opposition then there is hiring and decision is taken by registrar. But in the timeframe of 3-4 month there is no opposition then it proceeding for further.

 5) Certificate of registration:- Post filling of the trademark journal then application proceeds for registration where registration certificate is issued under the seal of the trademark office.  

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Is Trademark statement of use and filing its form beneficial?

Registering of trademark for each business is necessary as its describe the brand name and symbol.Now you can easily make trademark registration in ahmedabad by visiting the legal documentation trademark office. We babaria ip have our office at ahmedabad where we provide service to the whole state of gujarat.

Trademark statement of use

Registering the trademark is not a difficult task but one should keep a proper knowledge of registering the trademark. Trademark is used when you are selling goods and services. Registering of trademark is done with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the trademark needs to be used on daily basis to make it a brand name. The trademark is not registered to be never in use, in this way you will waste the trademark, money and time.

Importance of Trademark statement of use

When the specific trademark is allocated to a particular company that company has to use the trademark for commercial purpose. If company is not using then their trademark will not be popular and there is a chance of infringement. The one who thinks his trademark is copied can claim for Notice of allowance remarking that the 
trademark has been copied of after registration trademark,if somebody finds the trademark is copied the notification states for only 30 days.

Essential elements for Filing the trademark statement of use

The things required for filing the statement of use are:

1. Fees for each class for selling of goods and services.
2. The trademark selected for registration must be in relation with the good and services that need to be provided.Once the trademark is assigned it cannot be used for other purpose.

Time limit for filing a trademark statement of use

You can find the date on which the trademark is registered by visiting and from the date of registration of trademark upto six months the “Notice of Allowance” can be sent by an email.

Conflicting trademark

The trademark registered must be unique and attractive if the trademark find to be conflicting with other client then the form filing registering the trademark fees will not be refundable.

Legal formalities for registering the trademark

The two main requirements for filing a trademark with U.S. patent and trademark office (USPTO) are:

1. The trademark must be of owner’s name. The owner can be an individual or in a partnership. The owner is the only responsible for the quality of goods or services.

2. Before registering the trademark it must be defined that the firm is entitled by an individual or a corporation.