Sunday, July 22, 2018

Things You Should Know About Online Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration is extremely important for any company to establish itself. Trademark registration can be done in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. The newer method is to do an online trademark registration in the interest of time. This guide will answer all the relevant questions which comes to your mind and is a concise version of everything you need to know about online trademark registration.

Cost of Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration costs a sum of Rs 3500 only and is a one-time fee. There is a misconception that there is a high cost involved and hence people avoid taking this essential step. Let me assure you it is very simple. Once you have decided on what you wish to trademark, be it a logo or a brand or a name, all you need to do is apply for Trademark Registration which costs Rs 3500 only.

Things you need to know to about trademark for  your business
Now that you are convinced that trademark registration is not a costly affair, let me specify the things you need to know before trademark registration.
- Step 1. Finalizing on a name/logo/image for your business
- Step 2. Procedure and knowing trademark registration cost
- Step 3. Examination and publication
Let me reiterate the steps for you in detail

Step 1. Finalizing on a name/logo/image for your business

Online trademark registration is possible for the following: letters, numbers, logos, phrase, graphic design, sound, mark, colour – scheming and word. The first step to online trademark registration is to finalize on the name or the image or the logo or any of the aforementioned factors for which you would like to do your trademark.

Step 2. Procedure and knowing trademark registration cost

The TM1 form needs to be filled online or manually at the designated offices. The Trademark Registration fee is a one-time cost of Rs 3500 which needs to be paid to the Government if you are a  start-up or a small enterprise. The fees paid to an attorney to help you with trademark registration is often equivalent to the Government fees.

Documents to be provided include:

This procedure is hassle free and only basic documents are required, such as
• Type of business (sole proprietorship/partnership/LLP etc)
• Identity and address proofs of directors of the company
• Logo Image of size 3.5”*1.96”
The advantage of online application is that the acknowledgement will be received immediately and will hasten the process by 15-20 days. Trade Mark Registration offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai acknowledge the submission after a couple of weeks.

Step 3. Examination and publication

Post submission of your application for trademark, the Registrar examines the same. The Registrar checks for duplication and compliances with the law. The trademark is approved and gets published in the journal of Indian Trademark, if there is no conflict with other existing trademarks or applications. A 90 days period is set aside for any objections if raised. The trademark is accepted once they get a green signal at this step.


Monday, July 16, 2018

7 reasons why Trademarks are crucial for your business

Just like your name is your identity, the trademark of a brand is its distinguishing factor.A trademark can be anything related to your brand which makes it the differentiating factor.It could be the logo, the image, the name, the phrase, the design or the colour. Famous trademarks like the McDonald’s golden arch create a lasting impression in the consumer’s mind which aids in brand awareness and recall.Trademarks are important for your business. The following are the 
advantages of having a unique trademark

1.) It makes your brand unique
2.) Differentiates the brand from competitors
3.) Protects product's name
4.) Has a lasting effect forever
5.) Protects your Brand's identity
6.) Adds value to the brand
7.) Grows your business
Trademark registration in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai is done by filling the form TM1 manually at the registered offices. The alternate option would be to do an online trademark registration. 
Trademark registration is a huge value add for the company and let me elaborate how trademarks help the business grow.

1.)  It makes your brand unique

A trademark such as a logo or a caption goes a long way with the brand. The Nike tick mark triggers a visual memory of the brand and an immediate recall. It scores high on the unique quotient.

2.)  Differentiates the brand from competitors

A trademark has a unique way of setting your brand aside from competition. A half bitten silver apple silently sets the mobile apart from any other competing brand.

3.)  Protects product's name

The trademark ensures that your identity is protected and gives a tough competition to others.
4.)  Has a lasting effect forever
A trademark is like a birthmark of a brand. It is unique to you and stays on forever.

5.) Protects your Brand's identity
Let’s take the beverage industry to cite an example. Not many can differentiate between the taste of Pepsi and Coca-Cola. And yet, both these trademarks have a unique appeal which the audience can easily relate to and identify. The product may not be a distinguishing factor for many people but the brand appeal certainly is.

6.)  Adds value to the brand

Trademarks add an intangible value to your brand. Yes, they do! And as the brand equity rises, so does the trademark value
of the brand.

7.) Grows your business

A trademark can grow your business. The largest FMCG players in India such as Unilever and ITC cash in on the trademark value. The product portfolio has diversified into several categories which are doing so well only because the consumer tries the product because of the brand value. This value incrementally grows your business and helps the company at large.
A Disney, is a Disney today because of the differentiating trademark envisioned by Walt Disney which has made it so unique and the brand boasts of a brilliant past and a bright future solely because of the brand equity associated with the registered trademark.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Reasons to Patent your Invention

Before I get into the nitty gritty of why you absolutely must patent your innovation, let me ask you, why do people buy a home?

Let me guess what’s running in your mind.

  • With a home, you have exclusive rights to your own property.
  • Your invest will reap greater returns (you can save on rent or better still additionally earn money)
  • You have the license to sell this property or let it out
Well, patenting your innovation and idea does the same thing and has its own set of advantages as well! Following five reasons list the benefits to patent your innovation. There are many firms over here who can help you with Patent Registration in Ahmedabad.

Sole rights:

Patenting an idea or innovation or a methodology give you the exclusive rights to adopt this and cash on it for the next 20 years. 20 years of freedom to experiment various permutations and combinations of your idea to bring out the best. You can exercise your rights to market this idea, sell the patent or be the market leader in this field. If you have patented your idea, the world is your oyster! Go for it!

Strong market position

A patent opens multiple doors. It is every marketers dream to be in an always win win situation where you enjoy being the exclusive market leader based on your idea/product. Everything you do, works for the brand. There is no good and bad, only better and the best when you market. A patent is the visa to such a strong position. It helps you eliminate competition and establish yourself as an eminent player.

High ROI

The investment of your time, money and energy will fetch you really high returns. Your SME can use the patent well by commercializing it and milking money.

Opportunity to license or sell the invention:

Yes, just like real estate investments comes with a buy and sell option, so does a patent. The only difference is that the returns are several notches higher. All your efforts will fetch you multiplied returns on commercialization or on selling the patent to a potential buyer.

Increased negotiating power:

A patent brings with it the negotiating power in a business table. It helps you choose which card to play and decide on how you wish to proceed with the discussion since it demonstrates your capabilities and expertise and is of tremendous value.

Positive image of the enterprise:

A patent speaks volumes about your talent and showcases your capabilities to various stakeholders.
A patent is perceived to be extremely high level of expertise by business partners and investors alike. It is crucial for raising funds to convince investors and increase the valuation of your company.

Sufficient care should be taken not to disclose your ideas without having a patent since it could be get misused. There is provision to ensure your trade secrets are not used to your disadvantage. Applying for a patent and the process of patent registration in Ahmedabad is simple because of trained experts who can help you. It is essential to apply for a patent if you have a valid idea considering the various benefits.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Why you must consider filing for a Patent in India

Is it worth the effort?

Of course! Any new innovation must have a patent if you wish to get due credit for the same. Your idea may be the next best thing that will benefit the society and make life easier for people. You are working really hard to put your best foot forward, then why shouldn’t you apply for a patent and reap the benefits? There are many firms who can help you with your patent registrationin Ahmedabad.

How do I know if my invention qualifies?

All innovative ideas which have not

Was my patent already granted toothers?

Patents are granted on a first come serve basis. You can always apply directly for the product when you are ready. If not, it is wise to apply for a provisional patent before disclosing the idea to various stakeholders. If at all you need to discuss, you must sign a non-disclosure agreement to safeguard your idea, if you are still working on your product or service offering.

When should I file?

The ideal way would be to file for a provisional application when you conceive the idea and it is at the research and development stage. Filing at this time has several perks – you still can buy time (12 months) to innovate and implement your idea without going through the entire process of applying for the patent. You also secure your idea and gain the first mover advantage. Nobody else can patent the idea before you if you have filed for a provision.
How detailed should I be in the initial application?
Patent application requires only the following information
           Field of invention
           Description of the invention
           The methodology of the invention
           Benefits of the invention

How broad should my application be?

The application should
be clear such that with the information provided any other person with a
similar skill set will be able to reproduce the idea. The details should be comprehensive and there should be no missing links.

What happens if my application isrejected?

Whenever any objection raised before granting the patent the applicant is given a fair chance to prove the novelty of the idea and clear all objections before the patent is granted. Hence the applicant must be ready to prove the innovation.

What about internationalapplications?

Patent application internationally can be possible either directly by obtaining permission from the Indian office or by getting the patent in India first and then applying to a foreign country. However, the former option is not available for Indian residents and care should be taken to scrutinize the various clauses before applying. Best would be get the help of a legal expert and proceed with the patent registration in Ahmedabad, India.

What kind of patent can I file?Will my employer be involved?

The kind of patent applied depends on the innovative idea and if you are a business owner/ student.A patent can be applied by a research scientist, business owner or a student. Depending on the type of patent application, employer will be involved